TRANSCRIPT: Introduction to Ryan Cullinan

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Hi, I am Ryan Cullinan.

Thanks for taking out time to watch this video. This video is a quick introduction to myself, the services I provide and how I approach my business as a financial planner. So, I haul qualifications in two countries. So, I am dual qualified with the Chartered Institute of Securities Investments in the UK as well as Australia with Kaplan education. I am a full diploma qualified financial planner.

So, say for example if you walked into a bank or you are looking for an investment advice in Australia, they would have to hold the same qualifications that I have here in Thailand. The other thing is too is my approach to financial planning is quite simple only do with my client’s money what I would be happy to do with my own and that is something that I have stuck to for many years now.

My approach is also quite comprehensive so, it fits on a three-pillar system. So, the first pillar is tax advice, where your tax residents, is your tax all up to date, do you need help, with you need introduction to a tax planner.

The second one is banking; so, where do you bank? How do you get paid? What currencies and countries? And the third one is estate planning wills and Testaments; if you were to pass away today, what would happen to your money? And do you need help with any of those once you have those three pillars as a foundation, my investment and financial advice sits on top of those three pillars.

So, if you need introductions to any people in those three key areas, including insurance as well health, life, car, motorbike; I can provide all those introductions for you. Once we have that done, the investment side of things happen that is usually on the you know third or fourth meeting.

There are two different types of investments clients typically take out with me.

The first one is either monthly investments that could be setting up five, ten, fifteen years for retirement if you are working and getting an income, that investment strategy utilizes some of the world’s largest investment houses such as fidelity, fund Smith, iShares.

The other side of things is lump sum investing. So, you know if you are retiring and you are looking to start to draw income for retirement and you want to protect the money that you already have and start to live off your money, that is another structure I can put forward for you, which is via my fire bucket approach.

I have done videos breaking down both of those investment structures for you. So, if you want to learn a little bit more about how I invest my client’s money, please go to the description below there will be some links to my videos on investment structures.

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to meeting you face-to-face and have a great day.

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