About Us, Compare Return Global Ltd.

Answers for technical insurance, tax or finance

Compare Return is all about providing it’s users with market options and technical information.


As an expat, have you ever had a technical insurance, tax or finance question you wanted answered and found that their just isn’t that much accurate and up to date information out there? Compare Return is all about providing it’s users with market options and technical information. By providing detailed comparisons on insurance options, tax structures and finance market comparisons. If that’s not enough we also host seminars hosted by industry experts so that you can arm yourself with the right knowledge that you need as an expat living away from home.

The idea behind Compare Return.

Are you part of an expat Facebook page or forum? Ever seen someone ask a technical question then sat back with the popcorn reading all the answers? You’ll have 10 different replies from 10 different people, and you will be lucky if even one of them is correct, legal or even possible.
Compare Return was started by Ryan Cullinan who is a financial planner by trade, sick of seeing incorrect information being provided to the public and needing to repair damage to his clients estates due to poor advice, he decided to do something about it, and Compare Return was born.

The best expat insurance policies come from having the right policy for YOU and your family.

So you like to go snow skiing on your family holidays, you have four year old twins (lucky you!) and your wife has her own company health insurance.
But.. you work part of the year in the USA.
You can head off to Facebook and ask ‘Eddie the expert’ who doesn’t know his HPOs from his PPOs OR you can simply put in an inquiry on our website and a helpful agent will take you through the process and then e-mail you reap quotes that take all your personal factors into consideration.

Real industry experts providing real advice.

Compare Return hosts low cost seminars with speakers who are real industry experts, and are properly qualified, have years of actual industry experience and care about their clients.

From “knowing your legal rights as an expat” to being “in a spin about my US taxes” we have you covered.