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TRANSCRIPT: Can you retire on cryptocurrency?

TRANSCRIPT: Hey guys, welcome back to Compare Return! This is not to be taken as financial advice – please seek a financial professional. This is simply me talking about this from the perspective of a financial planner. Even though this could be a very controversial topic, I’m probably going to

TRANSCRIPT: Market Update [mar’21] – Busts, Billionaires and Boats

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to Compare Return. This week’s episode is our March 2021 market review. It’s been a crazy month in markets for March this year and there’s been a few key things happening that I want to talk to you about in this week’s episode. The first thing is the

TRANSCRIPT: Introduction to Paul Bennet

TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys, I am Paul and today we are going to talk about the four biggest mistakes investors make. Now before we begin, I just want to make clear this is not financial advice if you feel the need for financial advice then please reach out to a qualified

TRANSCRIPT: Why time IN the market, beats TIMING the market.

TRANSCRIPT: Hey Guys, Welcome to today’s video. It is the first on our brand-new web series called “Retire on Rails”. The series is all for digital nomads by digital nomads. We are going to take you through some financial planning lessons. Some of this is real traditional stuff but we

READY TO RETIRE: 5 part seminar series.

Don’t miss this one day training event where you’ll discover how to set your finances up so that you are READY TO RETIRE… ________________________________________________________________________________________________ … and still maintain full control over your assets and your lifestyle. The secret is knowing what tools you have at your disposal and how to

TRANSCRIPT: The Game Stop story in 5 minutes.

TRANSCRIPT: Okay! So, just to give a caveat before we get into today’s video, this is simply an explainer video and is not at all to be taken as financial advice. Cannot believe that even needs to be said but it does. So, Gamestop! Let us get stuck into it.

Holistic Advising: The 5 bucket approach

Intro: All too often we see both clients and financial advisers operating with their ‘blinkers’ on; meaning that the client hasn’t told the adviser of all their holdings, or that the adviser hasn’t factored in all the clients holdings into his/her investment strategy. A classic example of this could be

TRANSCRIPT: 5 Bucket Approach – Holistic Financial Planning

TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys! Welcome to another Compare Return video. This week’s video we are going to be talking about asset allocation and holistic financial planning. I am excited to bring you this video because it is something that I spend a lot of my time, in my job working around,

TRANSCRIPT: Election results and the stock market. One for the history books!

TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys! Welcome to Compare Returns election edition. In this week’s episode we are going to be looking at the US presidential elections which are happening today. We are going to look at certain market scenarios, given certain outcomes. We are going to look at historically, who has performed

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