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Free health insurance quotes & comparisons for expats living in or visiting Thailand.
From basic inpatient cover right through to full dental and cancer coverage. We help you compare the best deals.

Health Insurance

Top quality medical treatment can be very expensive, especially for expats. A serious illness can have a seriously damaging impact on your bank account, even in Thailand where costs seem to be much lower than in Europe. Without proper medical cover, urgent or emergency medical procedures could be delayed or refused until cover or sufficient funds have been proven available. Therefore it makes sense to have the best full medical insurance coverage for every member of your family. We have a proven worldwide track record in advising individuals, families, the self-employed and business customers on first class medical cover to suit your personal needs, requirements and budget.

We only select the and work with the finest insurance companies who provide you and your loved ones with the best level of coverage. These companies are guaranteed to deal with claims in a professional, efficient and prompt manner. In Thailand varying levels of Health Insurance cover are available. These are mostly based on the cost of in-patient treatment. Available options can provide out-patient cover, dental, maternity and repatriation to your home country.

We also recommend Personal Accident Insurance in addition to Medical Insurance. This cover is not expensive but provides additional cover in case of an accident. No matter where the location of you and your family, we can guide you to the correct options to suit your needs and budget. Let us provide you with a free personalized Health Quote today. It’s that easy.

AA Insurance

Whats on offer:

● The very best first-class medical treatment Insurance
● The best full medical cover for all of your family members
● Custom fit to your requirements and budget
● Out-patient, dental, maternity and repatriation cover available

Cover based on chosen Health plan:

● Ambulance patient services
● Emergency services cover
● Hospital stays (such as operations)
● Prescription pharmaceuticals and laboratory services fees

Please note that information on this website is strictly for education purposes only and does not constitute advice, please seek a licensed professional before investing. See more details here.

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