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Home Insurance

Your house is typically your biggest asset. Make sure that you are fully insured today.
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Home Insurance

Your home often represents your largest investment and may be your largest asset.
For this reason it makes perfect sense that it should be well protected. We work together with various proven insurance companies to deliver Home and Contents insurance. These companies offer a variety of excellent insurance plans to protect your home and household contents. Options may also include personal third party liability for you and your family. For homes located Across Thailand, we are here to help you keep them secure!

In Thailand home insurance policies usually cover the building as well as the contents. Commonly insurance policies cover Named Perils but All-Risks policies are also available. Named Perils policies are most commonly used as they offer quite extensive cover.

Named Peril insurance Coverage to expect:

● Fire, lightning and water leakage
● Natural catastrophes (storm, earthquakes etc.)
● Temporary accommodation costs in case of property damage or loss of property
● Plate glass cover
● Electrical short circuit cover
● Burglary and/or armed robbery cover
● Repair costs due to burglary
● Third party liability (Thailand wide)

All-Risks insurance – Coverage you can expect:

All-Risks insurance covers all Named Peril insurance covers. The major extra benefits are coverage for accidental damage and Thailand wide liability coverage.

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