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Other Insurance Types: Boat, Golf, Drones

We don’t just help you get quotes on health insurance. We also offer services for insuring any major asset.
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Other Insurance Types: Boat, Golf, Drones.

We provide comprehensive insurance for our customers domestic and business life in Thailand. However we also provide other insurance policies to you and your belongings while pursuing your favourite hobbies and activities. If you are a boat owner, golfer or a drone enthusiast we have you covered!
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Boat Insurance is necessary in circumstances where a damaging storm occurs or in case of a boating accident. Sail and boat with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your vessel is protected against unforeseen incidents both on and off the water.


Golf can be an expensive activity and occasionally it can even be dangerous! An accidental swing could cause injury or property damage to yourself or a third party. Also your golf equipment could get be lost or stolen: Our insurance plans and options for Golf can help make your golf more enjoyable and safe for you and your loved ones.


When you first buy or bring your drone to Thailand you will want to get it up in the air immediately!
However, the registration of your Drone is mandatory in Thailand and so is an drone insurance. This drone policy must cover damages up to at least 1,000,000 Thai Baht. Different drone insurance plans are available to fit the size, cost and weight of your drone. Whether your drone is used for commercially or privately we can help you fly and hover safely and securely! Request a customised Drone Insurance quote.

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