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– The policy will not cover any loss, injury, damage or legal liability arising directly or indirectly from travel in, to or through

– 1. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Nepal (Only areas higher than 1,500 m above sea level)

– 2. The sanctioned countries declared by United Nations (UN), United States of America (USA) or European Union (EU) are not covered as well.

– As evidence, the Company has caused this policy to be signed by person(s) with power to act on behalf of the company and the company’s stamp to be affixed its office

– In case of the policy covers an annual trip for multiple trips: the coverage starts and ends for each trip as subject to the maximum duration of trip for each trip does not exceed ninety (90) days.

– To ensure trip have to start from/end Thailand only.

– You can only apply one travel insurance for single/annual trip.

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